South Dakota Society of Professional Land Surveyors
SDSPLS was established to facilitate and promote Professional Land Surveying in the State of South Dakota.

Our mission is to promote the profession, assist surveying professionals through education and information, and to provide a unified voice for fellow surveyors in South Dakota.

We welcome you to use this site to enhance your knowledge and gain a better understanding of how we are working to elevate the surveying profession in South Dakota.
From The President (November 2014) 
As I write this it is the last day of October.  I hate to think of winter being not too far away and lots of projects yet to finish.  It is not a good time for equipment problems which I am dealing with today.  I am having to do a lot of re-scheduling and praying that the weather stays nice, so I hope everyone is faring better than I am!  It’s amazing how much we rely on our equipment always working and when it doesn’t the headaches that it causes.

It has been a busy time for the SDSPLS Board of Directors as well, we have been going over the Recommended Guidelines, and are about halfway through that process.  We will be having a conference call meeting to try and finish our review of those guidelines.  A lot of people have worked very hard on the writing and review of the guidelines and we owe them all a big thanks as it is not an easy process.  All of this is happening while the Board has been taking care of the regular business of the society.  Scholarship applications have now been received and the Board will be reviewing these for selection of this year’s scholarship recipients. 

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