South Dakota Society of Professional Land Surveyors
SDSPLS was established to facilitate and promote Professional Land Surveying in the State of South Dakota.

Our mission is to promote the profession, assist surveying professionals through education and information, and to provide a unified voice for fellow surveyors in South Dakota.

We welcome you to use this site to enhance your knowledge and gain a better understanding of how we are working to elevate the surveying profession in South Dakota.
From The President (May 2014) 

With a foot in the past and an eye to the future there was much discussion at the April Board of Directors meeting  regarding the future of our society and the ways we can improve our society for our members. The first item addressed to this end was the newsletter publication/distribution and it has been decided to begin moving to an online version. Beginning in 2015 we will print the February and November issues and the other 2 issues will be on the web site. This format will be for 2 years and then all issues will become electronic. We will always have the option as a Board to print out issues for special events such as we did on the 25th Anniversary of SDSPLS. This is a move many other state societies have made as well as NSPS.

We are also checking into the costs of receiving payments online for dues and convention registration and what will be required to manage this data. This is in the research and planning stages only at this time.  Much more information is required before that decision can be made.

A lot of discussion has been given over the years to Convention format such as which days of the week, where it is held, and activities done such as the scholarship auction. The Board for the most part agreed that the Thursday thru Saturday format has worked well and the half days have allowed for travel during daylight hours to and from convention for the membership. Many of our members have long drives to get to Chamberlain and the safety of driving in the day time in winter is important. We also discussed the possibility of doing a smaller auction and possibly adding some other type of program such as Texas Hold-em, or other type of fundraising activity. As usual, all comments and suggestions you may have are welcome by the Board members.
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