South Dakota Society of Professional Land Surveyors
SDSPLS was established to facilitate and promote Professional Land Surveying in the State of South Dakota.

Our mission is to promote the profession, assist surveying professionals through education and information, and to provide a unified voice for fellow surveyors in South Dakota.

We welcome you to use this site to enhance your knowledge and gain a better understanding of how we are working to elevate the surveying profession in South Dakota.
From President Lamke (August 2015) 
Summer is winding down.  I hope it was rewarding and profitable for you.  Here in the Black Hills we survived the relatively quiet Rainbow gathering, as well as the almost constant two week rumble of 500,000+ motorcycles here for the Sturgis Rally.

We had hoped to have comments and revisions prepared for the Recommended Guidelines, but the tasks and schedules did not mesh as well as anticipated.  We continue the work on revision of this important document and will have at least progress information if not a complete document by convention of 2016.  It is, and will continue to be, a work in progress - so please feel free to tackle a section to work on and offer comment where you feel inclined.  Thanks again to Dean Scott for all of the work composing, compiling, and arranging the document.

Work continues on the convention schedule and list of speakers. Janelle is doing a super job coordinating this monumental effort.

Have a great fall season, and let's be careful out there!                                                                                                                        
Ben Lamke,  SDSPLS 2015 President   
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