News and Updates
2019 SDSPLS 36th Annual Convention
January 9, 10 and 11, 2019
Arrowwood Cedar Shore Resort, Chamberlain, SD

                           President Foster
From President Foster   (February 2019)
Greetings everyone!!  The year is off and running at a brisk pace.  Even though it has only been a few short weeks since Convention, it’s been anything but quiet.  The 2019 legislative session is well underway and there have been several bills introduced that have a direct impact on us as surveyors.

HB 1111 was introduced and addresses military personnel and their spouses gaining expedited licensure in our state.  HB 1123 was just introduced and has to do with the tracking of computer usage on certain technical and professional government contracts.  SB 166 in its current state is very vague but indicates licensure is at its core.  The DPC with Justin Bell, our Executive Director and individuals within SDSPLS are working hard to track and respond to these bills.  Stay tuned as we may be asking for your help when it comes time to make our position known.  With everyone’s help last year we were able to successfully defeat HB 1319.  With similar support this year, I am confident we can make a difference in these issues.

I think it goes without saying that young people are key to continued success in our profession.  SDSPLS is putting effort into reaching out to school-aged kids to give them some insight into land surveying as a career.  One of the recent efforts was the building of an augmented sandbox that can be transported to schools, youth events and career fairs.  I would like to challenge each Chapter to get out to at least one school or other youth event this year to get young people excited about what we do.  There are resources available for materials, etc., so please contact Rebecca or Kristi Goehring for more information.  

Speaking of education, most of you are aware that Rod Breitling and other staff members of the Southeast Tech Surveying Program are nearing retirement age.  There is significant concern about the health of the program moving into the future.  There are individuals in our group that are participating in conversations regarding the transition and we’ll continue to update everyone as we learn more.  If you have ideas about how we as a professional society can further support this program, please reach out and let us know.   Surveying programs across the country are finding it difficult to survive in today’s “corporate approach” to education.  

For those of you who attended Convention, there were updates regarding the corner record app and an opportunity to take the proof-of-concept for a test-drive.  The feedback gathered was very positive.  Rest assured that we will continue working on this project throughout the next year. 
Another important topic that I want to focus on this year is the upcoming 2022 datum updates that the NGS is working on.  This year is our window for working with the NGS in designing the coordinate system for South Dakota (looking at zone designations, etc.) and incorporating any changes we would like to see.  We also need to be thinking ahead about any legislative changes that will be necessary as a result.

Stay tuned this year as we work on some “behind-the-scenes” changes in the Society.  Rebecca has some great ideas and we are thoughtfully working on some things to serve you even better during the coming months.  A Facebook page has been set up to help increase communication throughout the year.  We are also planning to update the website and make it more of a one-stop shop for information.  

It’s an exciting, if not challenging time, for us as land surveyors!  It’s been said “it takes a village” and nothing is closer to the truth when it comes to making positive changes in and securing the future of our profession.  I would challenge each one of you to find one way in which you can be of service this year.  As I said at the close of Convention this year “don’t be strangers.”  This is your organization and it will only flourish at the hands of those involved.  If you have questions, comments, ideas or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Linda M. Foster, PLS
2019 SDSPLS President

South Dakota

Society of

Professional Land


PO Box 9625
Rapid City, South Dakota 57709